Vignette Name Need Current Approach Alternate Solutions What could be created
Patricia She needs to find better ways to learn about newer technologies and how to use them.
Moe He needs help finding financial aid for his daughter. Was getting financial aid but it ended when his daughter turned 18.BC paraplegic association – only help quadriplegic and paraplegic , his daughter is hemiplegic so she is not covered.

He formed a non-profit for individuals who only care for 1 person but they are only getting $3000 attached with limitations.

Peggy Peggy wants to find agencies that help adults with disabilities. Uses the resources of the Family Support Institute and Cerebral Palsy Association because her daughter has difficulty with mobility
Mark He wants a website where he can find all the information he needs on diseases, treatments, and services on a provincial level. He currently subscribes to newsletters from the Mayo clinic and frequently visits sites like the National Institute of Health and a variety of Canadian Health websites.He also visits a site specific to medication usage, where he can look up info and contraindications on a variety of medications.
 Miles  Miles needs help finding information about the tax side of finances. It’s extremely difficult to get information out of Fraser Health regarding guidance for future home care for his wife particularly ‘involuntary separation’.  Currently uses software Quicken for finances.
 Pandora  Pandora needs help finding a new transfer belt for her father. Her father has one but it is hard on his skin and uncomfortable under the arms.
 Pilar  Pilar needs help finding a fun daycare program for older adults where her husband could go twice a week – to help relieve caregiver burden.  Caregiver comes in when Pilar is at work, but it’s still not the same.
 Priya  Priya needs help finding funding her husband’s ATs. The power wheelchair that would be best for him is 40-50 thousand dollars. His extended benefits do not cover it.  She looked into help from the government; they only offer about $3000.
 Paola  Paola needs a better adapted catheter. Her mother uses one that sticks to the skin and swivels a little. The other one she uses has a band with Velcro and does not swivel. She wants one that has Velcro and swivels.  Paola sewed together the Velcro part of the catheter and the swiveling part, so that it would be best adapted to her mother.
Paisley Paisley needs help with caregiving. With her public health authority, she has some home care, but it is not enough.
Jeremy Jeremy would like access to a technical aid repair service. Jeremy called the manufacturers of his equipment but didn’t get the support he needed.