Residential Care

Vignette Name Need Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions What could be created
Penelope Penelope needs to be able to communicate effectively with multiple/formal caregivers since her mother and son both live in facilities and not with her. Tyze – website to help organize appointments and keep a schedule for her son, this bridges the gap between formal and informal caregivers so they are aware of all appointments.
Pippa Pippa needs help changing her mother’s oxygen tank in the assisted living facility. Assistive living aids do not do this for Pippa’s mother, so it is another thing that Pippa needs to do.
Pippa needs more people supporting her mother in maintaining a level of independence in assisted living, which is difficult with her mother’s health problems. The lack of support for her mother will lead to her mother moving to home care. Her mother’s family (ex: Pippa) is able to assist with care to provide a higher level of care. Pippa has contact with her mother every day through phone or in person.
 Pheonix Phoenix needs help increasing the amount and quality of care given in the care home. Caregivers did not have a lot of time they could spend with each resident. Phoenix would go in and wash her mother’s face, clean her natures, brush her teeth, comb her hair, clean the corners of her eyes, and put together outfits for her to wear.