Priya takes care of her husband, who was diagnosed 8 years ago with a neuromuscular disease characterised by weak muscles. She has 2 children who are blind, so she has experience caring for others.


Current Approaches used by Priya 

Alternate Suggestions

What Could Be Created?

1. Priya needs help finding funding her husband’s ATs. The power wheelchair that would be best for him is 40-50 thousand dollars. His extended benefits do not cover it. She looked into help from the government; they only offer about $3000.
2. Priya needs help placing additional ATs in their home (ex: bath tub), but their home is too small. There is no space in their condominium for new equipment. Priya has thought about knocking out the weight bearing walls, but this is not possible because they are in a condominium.
3. Priya worries about her husband choking when he is eating because the muscles in his throat are not able to swallow. His condition varies from day to day, so it is hard to predict what he will be able to swallow (ex: sometimes water is difficult, and other times it is okay). Priya knows generally which foods her husband can and cannot eat, but it changes from day to day, which makes it very difficult.
4. Priya worries about her husband’s safety in the shower. He wants to shower and toilet himself, but she is worried that he will fall.

He has fallen in the shower before, and they called 9-1-1. He had some bruising.

17-inch toilet, with bars in the shower and bathroom. Raised seat in the shower.
5. Priya needs help ensuring her husband’s safety when he is getting around outside. He refuses to have a flag on the back of his wheelchair.
6. Priya needs help helping her husband when he is out in the community because he is unable to talk, so he is unable to communicate well with other people.
7. Priya needs help finding more resources similar to respite, because respite is usually full. The other option is private care, which is unaffordable. Somebody comes in during the day to help Priya out three times a week, but she cannot have someone come over every day, as it is expensive.