Priscilla is caring for her mother who has dementia and arthritis. Priscilla provided this care for her mother when her mother lived on her own and now takes care of her mother who has transitioned from her home to a long-term care facility. Priscilla adjusted her retirement plans to care for her mother whose health has begun to decline.

Needs Current Approaches used by Priscilla Alternate Suggestions  What Could Be Created?
1. Priscilla is having difficulty providing her mother with emotional support. Her mother often telephones because she is worried, angry or upset but Priscilla isn’t always able to get there right away.  
2. Priscilla is having problems providing dental care/hygiene to her mom. She has concerns with being bit by her mother and has problems getting her mother to cooperate.
3. Priscilla is having problems keeping her mother from undressing. She is using clothing that zips up in the back, but is having difficulty locating these kind of garments.
4. Sometimes Priscilla’s mother undresses when her incontinence pads are soiled.
5. Priscilla needs support with managing finances – registering for power of attorney was an onerous process. She had to register at each individual financial institute and even within financial institutes when separate accounts were held.
6. Priscilla wants a system to identify when someone is incapacitated in a timely manner.
7. Priscilla needs better coordination of care for her mother between physicians after her mother is transferred between them.  
8. Priscilla needs someone to help make sure she’s in the loop for what medications her mom is using.