Portia is 62 year-old female caring for her 90 year-old mother, who has moved to a nursing home for a year now. Her mother has osteoporosis, hypertension and bladder problems, and has had significant falls. Her mother’s physical health has been slowly declining as she ages and has been accompanied by a decline in cognitive processing. Portia works as a nurse.

Needs Current Approaches used by Portia Alternate Suggestions  What Could Be Created? 
1. Portia needs help finding a way to increase access to FaceTime or Skype in her mother’s personal care home, so that she can be more connected with her loved one via technology. Portia is advocating to have more access to FaceTime and Skype in care homes, but in the mean time, she is phoning her mom.
2. Portia needs help explaining to her mother that she needs assistance (ex. bath assistance) for her own safety. Her mother is reluctant to accept help because she wants to maintain her independence. Long shower adapted hose, bath bench, bath bar, bath mat.

Once she got into the nursing home, used bath lift.

3. Portia needs help reminding her mother to use her Lifeline monitor. Her mother has had multiple significant falls and never used it (Portia thinks it was due to shock). Once Portia’s mom moved into the nursing home, she started using a buzzer, which she pulled if she needed help in place of Lifeline.
4. Portia needs help finding an easier way to use electronics such as the TV, telephone and radio, so that her mom can continue to be engaged in the community. She is having trouble navigating some of those systems. Portia has suggested voice activated technologies and more simplified, user-friendly programs.
5. Portia needs help transporting her mom to appointments. It is difficult because there is no designated handicap parking closer to the building in some areas.
6. Portia needs help advocating for promoting incontinence acceptance, as her mom dislikes using a diaper due to the social stigma. Suggests technology to increase acceptance and advocacy – ex. through TV Ads.