Poppi is a 37 year old woman who takes care of her 65 year old mother who has dementia, anxiety, depression, high levels of stress, and has type 2 diabetes. Poppi and her mother live in the same building, on different floors.


Current Approaches used by Poppi

Alternate Suggestions What Could Be Created?
1. Poppi needs emotional support from caregiver burnout. The doctors at multiple clinics were not helpful, and caregiver support groups at The Alzheimer’s Society were not helpful.  Day care program takes people with dementia for walks, lunch, and coffee, and there is a lot of dignity in the individuals participating. This happens 3 times a week for 8 hours.



2. Poppi needs help allowing her mother to have freedom, while still being able to keep track of where her mother is going. She has gotten lost and has not come home overnight.  Poppi went to a spy store and installed a system that would call her whenever her mother opens the door. Poppi’s mother does not know that Poppi receives a call every time she opens the door.

Poppi is using pocket finder on her mother, which is a GPS that you can attach to an individual.

3. Poppi needs help training her mother into her routine. Poppi’s mother is too scared to go to the day care program (in need 1 current approaches) again after her experience in the hospital.
4. Poppi needs help advocating for change in the healthcare system; different care workers come every day. This makes it hard for her mother, as well as Poppi.
5. Poppi needs help finding more ways to entertain her mother. She gets bored very easily, which causes her to wander.



The club that her mother used to go to is only open 3 days a week because there is no funding from VCH because they do not meet certain criteria.

Poppi has tried Alzheimer’s Society, but the caregiver has to go with the care recipient to the program, which does not provide any respite. The program also does not maintain the dignity of the individuals.