Peyton cares for three older adults, her mother who is in her late 70s, her neighbor’s mother who is in her 90s and a friend she used to work with who is in her 70s, each of these older adults experience general age related functional decline. Peyton was a nurse and had to retire when she noticed her mother declining.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions  What Could Be Created?
1. Peyton needs a better selection of walkers in her mother’s price range (or better access to funding to support purchasing walkers) that are collapsible and lightweight and also include a seat and basket. Attaches a detachable basket to the walker.
2. Peyton needs help with scheduling appointments and time management. Because she is caring for three individuals, each with their own unique needs, she struggles with organizing her time and being able to book appointments at clinics that fit into the required time schedules that each of her care recipients has.  


3. Peyton would like a way to remotely monitor things like stoves/ovens, so that she could turn them on/off from a distance.  
4. Peyton has difficulties ensuring that medications are delivered to one of her care recipients apartments on time, current delivery system isn’t reliable.  
5. Peyton is worried about falls, one of her care recipients uses a lifeline system but one of her other care recipients, who she is particularly worried about, refuses to get one because she doesn’t feel she needs it.  
6. Peyton would like to see more community support, more of a ‘neighbor helping neighbor’ environment where community members are aware of individuals in their community that may require additional assistance with activities such as lawn care and snow shoveling and then they volunteer their time to help out.  
7. Peyton needs a way to get a hold of her mother- sometimes she leaves the phone off the hook. Uses an iPad to communicate with the person she cares for.
8. Peyton needs the person that she cares for to use the walker – the person in care currently refuses.