Petunia is taking care of her 80 year old mother and 30 year old son. Her mother lives alone and has diabetes, cardiac and pulmonary problems. A housekeeper takes care of her mother’s place twice a week and Petunia visits her mom a few times a week. Petunia’s son is a stage performer and has a form of autism.

Needs Current Approaches Used By Moe Alternate suggestions What could be created?
1. She needs help encouraging her mother to eat healthily.  
 2. She needs help with her son’s toe nails as they are ingrown and he doesn’t think to take care of it on his own (needs to be done for him).  
3. She needs help finding clothing options for her son since he has difficulty with buttons and cuff links. Try selecting clothing without buttons or cuff links.


4. She needs help encouraging her mom to use her cane and to hold on to railing when using stairs since she is prone to falling.  
5. She needs help organizing and scheduling social activities for her son. She organizes of all his social events and his shows.

She attends workshops and goes to courses to stay informed.

6. She needs help dealing with her son, since he can become very angry with her sometimes.  
7. She needs help supervising her son since he cannot be left alone and this takes up a lot of her time.  
8. She needs help with getting her son to communicate with her when something is bothering him.  
9. She wants help teaching her mom to use the iPad, since it has a lot of useful apps but her mother is reluctant to learn to use it.