Persia is a 65-year-old woman who is taking care of her husband who has Parkinson’s Disease. She helps her husband with everyday activities such as eating, transport and taking medication.


Needs Current Approaches Used by Persia Alternate Suggestions  What Could Be Created?
1. Persia needs help finding a better way for her husband to remember to take all of his medication. He has a watch that beeps to remind him to take his pills, which he finds very helpful.
2. Persia is worrying about her strength decreasing in the future and how she won’t be able to lift her husband’s heavy walker into the car.  
3. Persia is struggling to deal with her husband’s increased dependence on her. He lacks the ability to plan and wants to do things in the spur of the moment. She doesn’t have the ability to change her plans last minute. Persia reassures him that he’ll be alright if she leaves for an hour and phones to check in on him.

Wears lifeline when she’s gone but he complains about the discomfort around his neck.

4. Persia needs help finding an outlet to take her away from the illness that her husband suffers from. Continues to work as an instructor – this allows her to interact with individuals and stay social.
5. Persia has trouble finding a Lifeline device that does not hang around the neck because this bothers her husband. She has looked into the wrist one but thinks it’ll bother him. She has thought about attaching it to the pocket or neckline of a shirt, but realizes there may be complications when changing.
6. Persia needs help finding ways to entertain and provide activities for her husband without feeling guilty when she doesn’t want to take him out.  
7. Persia needs a way of reminding her husband to stand up properly, without her having to constantly remind him.