Peggy is a middle-aged woman with arthritis. She works fulltime and lives with her adult daughter with a disability who she cares for. Her daughter has dietary restrictions, mobility impairment, and cognitive impairment. Peggy also helps her 80-year old mother who lives in assisted living and has muscle spasms, which affects speech, vision, and mobility. 

Needs Current Approaches Used by Peggy Alternate suggestions What could be created?
1. Peggy needs to be able to do multiple caregiving tasks, but doesn’t have enough time. Creates to do lists
2. Peggy has difficulty getting enough sleep due to lack of time.  
3. Peggy is having difficulty keeping track of all the things she needs to do. Creates to do lists
4. Peggy needs to be able to communicate better with her mother. She currently uses a white board but this doesn’t work over the phone.  
5. Peggy wants to find agencies that help adults with disabilities. Uses the resources of the Family Support Institute and Cerebral Palsy Association because her daughter has difficulty with mobility
6. Peggy is overwhelmed with taking care of her daughter and her mother. Handydart – assistive car services for people with cognitive/physical impairment
7. Peggy needs help dealing with challenging emotions she tends to repress her feelings.  
8. Peggy needs help with supervision for her daughter.