Paris is 70 years old and takes care of her 92 year-old mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Paris’ mother is in supportive housing (different than assisted living) for people with dementia and has been there for 7 months.


Current Approaches used by Paris

Alternate Suggestions

What Could Be Created?

1. Paris needs help teaching her mom how to lock the walker. Her mom fell once because she was grabbing for a banana, and the walker kept going. Paris believes it’s very easy to lock, but her mother cannot figure it out.  
2. Paris needs help assisting her mother with grocery shopping. Her mother wants to do it herself, but she forgets what she has to buy and leaves groceries on the floor once she gets home (meat goes bad). Paris has tried to make a list for her mom to go to the grocery store to follow, but she still came back with only 2 bananas, so Paris had to go back afterwards.

Dated food from Meals on Wheels, who delivered meals 7 days a week.
IGA store delivers. Paris wrote down the names of everything her mom loves so that her mom could phone and read the names out loud. They accommodated Paris’ mother by setting Paris up with an account with money in it. They call her when funds are low.

3. Paris needs help coping with the stress that she feels when her mother calls her. Her mother expresses her need to go “home”. Paris’ mother lives in supported housing now, but is frequently saying she needs to go home to the legion. 20 years ago, Paris’ mother held an important role in the legion, but her mother has not gone back in years. Paris is taking sleeping pills from her doctor.
4. Paris is worrying that nobody will be there to take care of her mom if she isn’t there. She is an only child, and her mother doesn’t let any of Paris’ friends take her to the doctor’s. Paris tried asking her friend to take her mom to the doctor’s, but her friend said she would not do it again because it was too difficult.
5. Paris needs help monitoring her mother, who has taken taxis to places randomly. She has taken a taxi to the doctor and dentist offices when she didn’t have an appointment multiple times. Paris thinks it’s a problem with her executive function and memory. Blocked out taxi’s phone number on her mother’s phone, but her mother ended up banging on a neighbour’s door and saying she needed to get a cab. The neighbour called the local agency, who then called Paris.
6. Paris needs help transferring the heavy walker from the house to the car, to the destination, and back home. The walker that Paris’ mother uses is lighter than others are, but it is still difficult.