Paisley is a 63 year old woman who lives with and takes care of her husband who has Parkinson’s and a back fusion.


Current Approaches Used by Paisley

Alternate Suggestions

What Could Be Created?

1. Paisley needs help convincing her husband of the dangers of walking around the home without a walker. He falls often and is high risk. There are canes in 2 different locations in the house so that if he is without a walker, he can grab the canes.
2. Paisley needs help taking care of her back without compromising her care for her husband. Her back gets sore when she helps him after he falls.   She sees the chiropractor, who is giving her a reduced rate, a physical therapist, and massage therapy students.

Paisley changed her technique to help her husband when he falls. She tries to use the chair to assist him in getting up instead of just jumping in and helping.

3. Paisley needs help getting her husband’s wheelchair into the car.  Bought a lift for their van to assist with lifting their wheelchair into the vehicle.
4. Paisley needs help increasing availability to healthcare professionals. They were not available when she needed their help due to wait times.  
5. Paisley needs help with caregiving. With her public health authority, she has some home care, but it is not enough.  
6. Paisley needs assistance with increasing their finances. Paisley and her husband left their jobs, so they do not get pension. They are unable to get funding from the government, organizations and rehabilitation clinics.  
7. Paisley needs help finding a way to help her husband relieve his chronic pain in his knee and hip from falling too much.  
8. Paisley needs help finding a way to help her husband from falling too much.