Moe is an older man who takes care of and lives with his 29-year-old daughter who has Down’s syndrome, leaving her with slightly shorter limbs. His daughter has a sleeping disorder, a heart condition (which subsided) and Leukemia. His daughter suffered from a stroke, which left her with slight vision impairment. She uses a cane indoor and a powered chair to get around outdoors.

Needs Current Approaches Used by Moe Alternate suggestions What could be created?
1. He needs help supervising his daughter since she cannot be left alone and he needs free time. Planned lifetime advocacy network – website helps plan life care in case something were to happen to the caregiver.
2. He wants to find a way the help his daughter use public washroom, because accessible washroom toilet seats are too high, and regular public washrooms do not have space for her wheelchair.
3. He wants to find ways to help his daughter with housekeeping.  
4. He wants to find a safer way for his daughter to get around outdoors, since she makes questionable judgements when crossing the street with her powered chair, etc.  
5. He wants to help his daughter use the phone. GE picture phone, which allows his daughter to see the picture of the person who is calling, as she will not answer any call if she does not recognize caller.
6. He wants to help his daughter stay in shape since she is overweight but has mobility limitations. Wii games to help her move around.

“Health care app” which helps monitor blood pressure and exercise, etc.

7. He wants to reduce the amount of space equipment (such as wheelchair) takes up.  
8. He needs help moving some of the heavy mobility devices that she uses. Hydraulic chair lift and porch lift.
9. He needs help finding financial aid for his daughter. Was getting financial aid but it ended when his daughter turned 18.

BC paraplegic association – only help quadriplegic and paraplegic , his daughter is hemiplegic so she is not covered.

He formed a non-profit for individuals who only care for 1 person but they are only getting $3000 attached with limitations.

10. He wants to find ways to improve his daughter’s sleeping habits. Melatonin, blue light reduction.