Vignette Name Need Current Approach Alternate Suggestion What could be created
Penelope Penelope is having difficulty pushing her son in his wheelchair.
Pamela Pamela is worried about her husband’s posture, especially when he is using the walker. Pamela provides verbal cues to keep his posture straight.
Patricia She needs help with finding well-paved sidewalks.
Moe He needs help moving some of the heavy mobility devices that she uses. Hydraulic chair lift and porch lift.
Petunia She needs help encouraging her mom to use her cane and to hold on to railing when using stairs since she is prone to falling.
Mark He needs help with stair glide since he always has to adjust the seat so that his wife does not fall off.
Murphy He needs help getting his wife to adjust to using the reacher, instead of asking for his help.
Pandora Pandora needs help navigating her father’s wheelchair in their small home. Pandora wishes that smaller wheelchairs for in home use were easily accessible, readily available and delivered right away. Realizes they may have to persist in asking regional health authority for a way to provide one or have to go and rent one.
Michael Michael needs help moving his dad around because he is “dead weight”. Michael does not want to hurt himself, but also needs to move his dad around.