Miles is a 75 year-old male who is taking care of his wife who has late onset Huntington’s Disease which is advancing rapidly. They live with their daughter, who has Crohn’s disease and poor health.

Needs Current Approaches used by Miles Alternate Suggestions  What Could Be Created? 
1. Miles needs help getting his wife up and down stairs. His wife is using a stair glide, which gets in his daughter’s way after his wife uses it. He has considered one that goes around corners but they are too expensive. Miles turns the stair glide after use, so that it does not get in his daughter’s way. This means his wife needs it turned back before use, and it is too dangerous for his wife to turn it herself.
2. Miles needs help preventing the skate of the two-wheeled walker that his wife uses from scratching his hardwood floor. Miles considered removing the floors but this would be expensive. He considered putting tennis balls on the bottom but this picks up grits, which scratches the floor even more. He has also considered putting wheels on the rear but that would compromise the stability because of the extra weight of the brake.  
3. Miles needs help cleaning the bathroom. His wife has frequent accidents that need to be cleaned up and this is tiring for Miles. Uses a product from Windex that is good for cleaning.
4. Miles needs help finding information about the tax side of finances. It’s extremely difficult to get information out of Fraser Health regarding guidance for future home care for his wife particularly ‘involuntary separation’. Currently uses software Quicken for finances.
5. Miles is struggling to cook and meal plan for his wife because he does not enjoy this. His daughter is able to cook a nutritious meal when her health is good (she has had many operations).
6. Miles needs help making sure that his wife is eating safely, and worries about her choking in the future. Ex: Needs assistance preparing food, has dysphagia, knocks things over. Nestle’s Thicken Up is added to liquids to aid with her dysphagia.

Uses cups and glasses with wider bases to prevent knocking over.

Cooks vegetables so that they’re soft.

Plans to learn what to do if his wife is severely choking.

7. Miles needs help reducing his own physical and psychological strains due to taking care of his wife. He is finding it difficult because home help is costly and expensive. Tries to take time to do photography, read, go on walks and hikes with his dog.