Mental Difficulties

Vignette Name Need Current Approach Alternate Suggestions What could be created
Peggy Peggy needs help dealing with challenging emotions she tends to repress her feelings.
Paige She needs help dealing with psychological strain from caregiving. She is aware of caregiver burn out program, but wants a more proactive approach to ensure burnout does not occur.
Phoebe Phoebe needs psychological support. Her siblings aren’t involved with help and her mother isn’t grateful for her help and mocks her and yells at her. Took on all care giving responsibilities herself and tolerated unkind treatment.Resented the fact that she was taken for granted by her family and expected to do everything.
Pascale Pascale needs help coping with the embarrassment from her husband when she attends social events. He loses his patience quickly, is short-tempered, and irritable which are all traits that began after his stroke. She doesn’t attend social events now.
Pilar Pilar needs help dealing with the psychological aspect of taking care of her husband- he used to be her husband, but now he is her patient. She would rather have experts, nurses, and care aids take care of her husband. Pilar has a demanding job outside of taking care of her husband, so that she does not have to be by his side taking care of him 24/7.
Mauricio Mauricio needs a way of feeling physical closeness to his wife in the hospital, which was not possible because the bed was so small! Cuddling was very important to both him and his wife.