Vignette Name Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions What could be created
Petunia She needs help organizing and scheduling social activities for her son. She organizes of all his social events and his shows.

She attends workshops and goes to courses to stay informed.

Paige She wants to enable her husband to enjoy books, since he can no longer read due to his condition.
Persia Persia needs help finding ways to entertain and provide activities for her husband without feeling guilty when she doesn’t want to take him out.
Poppi Poppi needs help finding more ways to entertain her mother. She gets bored very easily, which causes her to wander. The club that her mother used to go to is only open 3 days a week because there is no funding from VCH because they do not meet certain criteria.Poppi has tried Alzheimer’s Society, but the caregiver has to go with the care recipient to the program, which does not provide any respite. The program also does not maintain the dignity of the individuals.
Alice Alice would like husband’s hunting hobby to be safer. Her husband gets on his four-wheeler, goes to his hunting spot that is made accessible with stairs.
Julien Julien would like to be able to do leisure activities with his wife.
Anaïs Anaïs would like her mother to have access to recreational activities. Anaïs set up a gardening session in the residence.
Andréa Andréa would like a way to identify suitable and accessible places to go out. They call restaurants they do not know to ask if they are accessible.