Justin is a retired man in his 60s who is helping his wife. He has provided about 170 hours of help a week for 7 years. His wife had a stroke that left her with visual and motor limitations. Specifically, she has a left visual field deficit and mobility problems related to hemiplegia.

Needs Current Approaches

Alternate Suggestions

What could be created?
1. Justin would like to be able to take a day off spontaneously when he is feeling tired Justin knows about respite services, but these services are expensive and require planned holidays.
2. Justin would like his wife to use the stairs safely. Justin installed a handrail and provides physical assistance. He mentions knowing  about stair chairs.
3. Justin would like his wife to be safe when walking around the house. Justin’s wife uses a cane and accompanies her when she wanders.
4. Justin would like his wife to walk outside safely. Justin has purchased a small scooter that can be dismantled and he monitors her during her trips.



5. Justin would like a way to push his wife in her wheelchair on steep ramps with ease. Justin asks for  help from another person so that one person pulls and the other pushes the wheelchair.
6. Justin would like to make providing his wife with hygiene care easier. Justin has an electric bath seat with a remote control that brings his wife to the bottom of the bath.
7. Justin would like to be able to go on outings with his wife. His wife uses a cane and needs physical support.
8. Justin would like a way to communicate with his wife to ensure her safety and comfort when he’s doing household chores (eg shoveling, lawnmowing). Justin and his wife use Walkie-Talkies.