Joseph is a retired man in his 60s who helps his wife who has been paraplegic for more than 40 years. They live together in their home and he provides about 20 hours of help a week. His wife has a motorized wheelchair and moves with it independently. Their house and car were made completely accessable.


Current Approaches

Alternate Suggestions

What could be created?

1. Joseph would like his wife to be able to continue going to the hairdresser, but he would like it to be less physically demanding and time consuming. Joseph has to take his wife in his arms to perform the various transfers which requires that he remains there throughout the appointment.
2. Joseph would like his wife to be able to go shopping independently. Joseph uses their accessible car to drive her and sometimes stays with her while she shops
3. Joseph would like his wife to use the wheelchair seatbelt more frequently. Joseph’s wife doesn’t wear the seatbelt.
4. Joseph would like to reduce the risks that his wife falls during transfers that are not made with the hoist. Joseph must constantly supervise his wife’s independent transfers using the transfer board. Sometimes he transfers her by picking her up.



5. Joseph would like to have more personal free time. Joseph enjoys playing cards, bowling and dancing.