Joffrey is a retired man in his sixties. He helps his wife who has cancer in addition to an autoimmune disease and a neurodegenerative disease. She is generally autonomous in her activities of daily life, but he provides assistance when she is less well. He takes care of all the domestic chores. He has provided about thirty hours of help a week for 6 years. She uses walking aids, has a history of falls, and can not stand for an extended period.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions


What could be created?
1. Joffrey would like to reduce his wife’s risk of falling in the following activities:
1.1 bathing or showering;
1.2 interior or exterior movements;
1.3 the use of stairs (up and down).
1.1 His wife independently washes herself with technical aids (transfer bench or shower chair, shower phone, long handle brush).
1.2 His wife uses a quadripod cane indoors and a walker outdoors. Joffrey helps her out on the steps at the entrance.
1.3 His wife goes up stairs independently, holding onto the handrails. She goes down stairs sideways or backwards.
2.Joffrey would like the seated transfers on the toilet to be easier since they are currently difficult because the seat is quite  low. Joffrey used a toilet elevator, but found it unhygienic (presence of residues between the seat and the elevator). His wife uses the grab bars installed on each side of the toilet on the walls.
3. Joffrey would like to know a way to simplify meal planning and preparation. He does it every day for the whole family.