Joël is a man in his sixties working part time who has been caring for his wife for 2 years. He helps about 80 hours per week. His partner had a stroke that left her physically and cognitively impaired: incontinence, reduced mobility, decreased balance, forgetfulness or freezing if she was distracted while performing a task . They live together in the same home as before the stroke and have few assistive devices and adaptations.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions


What could be created?
1. Joël would like his wife to be able to move from one place to another without being distracted. Joël accompanies her to make sure she reaches her final destination without taking too much time.
2. Joël would like it to be easier for his wife to use the stairs. Joël provides her with physical assistance to support her weight and remind her of the movements necessary to get up the stairs.
3. Joël would like his wife to have an easier time travelling on rough terrain. Joël always supports her when she travels through rough terrain.
4. Joël would like an easier way to help his wife put on her shoes Joël puts on his wife’s shoes with a shoe tongue.



5. Joël would like to have better control of the food consumed by his wife (she eats everything she can get her hands on).
6. Joël would like a way to control his wife’s internet usage.  Joël has already locked some sites.
 7. Joël would like to be notified when his wife goes to the bathroom since he must help her. Joël provided her with undergarments for incontinence.
 8. Joël would like to provide his wife with hygiene care more easily. His wife has balance problems when she is in the shower Joël helps his wife in the shower. He currently does not have technical help.