Jimmy is a retired 75-year-old man who lives with his wife in their home. He has helped her about 10hrs/week for about 10 years. His wife has a neurodegenerative disease. She has weakness in the lower limbs and mood changes. She moves without technical help indoors and uses a simple cane outdoors. Jimmy is worried about the risk of her falling and says he is constantly monitoring her.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions


What could be created?
1. Jimmy would like to make the stairs safer for his wife His wife uses a simple cane on the stairs and Jimmy gives her verbal cues to keep her focused on the task.
2. Jimmy would like his wife’s movements indoors and outdoors to be safer. His wife uses a straight cane and he accompanies her to provide surveillance. She always wears stable footwear.
3. Jimmy finds it difficult to slow down his pace and schedule to adapt to his wife’s abilities.
4. Jimmy would like to improve his communication with his wife because they both have hearing deficiencies.



5. Jimmy would like to have help coming up with healthy meal ideas to cook.
6. Jimmy is looking for bath entry alternatives when his wife has less mobility. For now, his wife uses a grab bar on the wall and on the edge of the bath.
She had a bath board that they thought was too dangerous, so they stopped using it.
Jimmy thinks that his bath is too small to install a transfer bench.