Jérôme is a man in his 50s who works full time and has cared for his elderly father with arthritis and diabetes for 5 years. He provides about 15 hours of help a week. His father lives in a semi-independent seniors home. Jérôme goes to see him about twice a day and goes shopping with him. In the summer, they go on weekly outings together. Jérôme’s father hardly walks anymore and mainly travels in motorized wheelchairs. He can take a few steps while being heavily supported. When they go out in the summer, Jérôme’s father uses a scooter.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions


What could be created?
1. Jérôme’s father uses a wireless phone, but often forgets to hang up. In these moments, Jérôme can’t reach his father. He would like a way to avoid this situation.
2. Jérôme would like his father’s transfers to be safer, whether the transfer is from one chair to another or to his stationary bike.
3. Jérôme would like his father’s outings to be safer. His father uses a motorized wheelchair outdoors most of the time and occasionally uses a scooter.
4. Jérôme would like to make sure that his father takes his medicine.