Jeremy is a 75-year-old retired man who lives with his wife in a semi-independent seniors home. His wife has severe rheumatoid arthritis. She has no movement in her wrists and has decreased mobility. She moves using a walker in the apartment and in a transport wheelchair pushed by Jeremy when going out of the apartment. He has provided about fifteen hours of help a week for 5 years.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions


What could be created?
1. Jeremy would like his wife’s transfers to be safe. Jeremy assists her during transfers. Previously, his wife used a lift chair, but it does not work anymore
2. Jeremy would like to expand his knowledge about the nutritional needs of his wife and the benefits of different foods. He prepares all the meals for himself and his wife.
3. Jeremy would like to make sure his wife’s travel is safe when she moves around with fresh laundry in her hands.
4. Jeremy would like to be able to install technical aids (such as grab bars to the toilet) on his walls, but the beams are made of metal. Jeremy has installed alternative technical aids that do not need to be wall mounted.



5. Jeremy would like to have better control over the water temperature for the bath.
6. Jeremy would like access to a technical aid repair service. Jeremy called the manufacturers of his equipment but didn’t get the repair support he needed.
7. Jeremy would like his wife to be able to take her medications by herself, which is currently impossible because the safety caps are too difficult for her to open. Jeremy takes care of giving his wife her daily medicine.
8. Jeremy would like to have better access to public places. In particular, he finds it difficult to keep doors open while pushing the wheelchair.
9. Jeremy would like qualified professionals to do the recommendation and follow-up session following the acquisition of assistive devices.
10. Jeremy would like an improvement in home support services. In particular, he would like the worker who can’t provide care to be replaced.
11. Jeremy would like to have the opportunity to take respite breaks.