James is a retired 70-year-old man who has been helping his wife for 2 years. They live together and James helps her about 60hrs/week. His wife has cancer and various associated problems (urinary incontinence, balance problems, memory problems). She needs physical assistance for transfers and she travels in a manual wheelchair. They usually use the car to get around.

Needs Current Aproaches Alternate Suggestions What could be created?
1. James would like to know strategies to facilitate meal preparation. He finds it difficult to have to go out and buy food, find ideas, and take the time to prepare meals. James’ wife’s daughter provides meals that she freezes.
2. James would like his wife to be able to take care of her own hygiene at the sink as this is physically demanding for him to do. James supports his wife while she is taking care of her dental and general hygiene.
3. James would like to avoid having to get up several times a night to accompany his wife to the bathroom. During the day, they have a set routine whereby James accompanies her to the washroom every hour and a half
4. James would like transfering his wife to the toilet to be safer. These transfers are currently physically demanding for him. They use an “easy turn” pivot with a handle. His wife gets up while James assists the pivot, manages her clothes, and ensures balance.
They changed their toilet for a lower and longer one.



5. James would like to have access to a pivot in the different buildings his wife attends (e.g. day center). James transports the pivot from one room to another in his home and brings it when his wife goes to respite or to the day center.
6. James would like to more easily transfer his wife into the car. James needs a second person to help his wife get into their car. He uses techniques shown by the CLSC.

They sometimes use adapted transportation.

7. James would like to make sure his wife can get more hygiene services. His wife receives the services of the CLSC for help with hygiene once or twice a week.
8. James would like his wife to be able to call his cell phone if he goes out. His wife uses the cordless phone, but he has to make sure that she can easily access it.
9. James would like access to psychological support resources.