Daily Self-Care

Vignette Name Need Current Approach Alternate Suggestions What could be created
Pamela She needs to help her husband with getting dressed. His lack of dexterity and his jerky arm movements make this difficult. Her husband avoids shirts with buttons.
Moe He wants to find a way the help his daughter use public washroom, because accessible washroom toilet seats are too high, and regular public washrooms do not have space for her wheelchair.
Petunia She needs help with her son’s toe nails as they are ingrown and he doesn’t think to take care of it on his own (needs to be done for him).
Pricilla Priscilla is having problems providing dental care/hygiene to her mom. She has concerns with being bit by her mother and has problems getting her mother to cooperate.
Pauline Pauline’s partner needs assistance with personal care, specifically washing. This causes Pauline a lot of anxiety as it is time consuming and needs to be broken down into small steps. Currently Pauline has to physically stand in the shower with her partner to provide a steady base.
Phoebe Phoebe needs help supporting her mother in the bathroom. The equipment that she needs to help her mother (ex. Rubber gloves and pull-ups) are not funded and the process of acquiring funding is very time consuming. Grab bar for her mother to help lower her onto the toilet seat.Rubber gloves for toileting (not enough given due to budget cuts after entering palliative care).

Used pull-ups but when it was not funded anymore, she was given pad briefs (difficult for one person to put on).

Miles Miles needs help making sure that his wife is eating safely, and worries about her choking in the future. Ex: Needs assistance preparing food, has dysphagia, knocks things over. Nestle’s Thicken Up is added to liquids to aid with her dysphagia.Uses cups and glasses with wider bases to prevent knocking over.

Cooks vegetables so that they’re soft.

Plans to learn what to do if his wife is severely choking.