Daily Housekeeping

Vignette Name Need Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions What could be created
Penelope Penelope wants to help her mother with housekeeping since she does not live with her. Her mother has someone who cleans 2-3 times a week, but it is not deep cleaning, just superficial cleaning.
Pamela She wants to help her husband become more independent with medication, since he cannot take his medication out of blister packs and he doesn’t know when to take them. She removes the medication from blister packs for her husband, she has an alarm on her phone, and an alarm on his watch to remind him to take his medications.
Patricia She has trouble with speaking to her father on the phone, because of the volume of his voice as well as his forgetfulness/rambling. She uses an app called ‘speak up Parkinson’s’ where the patient speaks into the app and it tells him/her whether they’re speaking at a good speaking volume or not.
Moe He needs help finding financial aid for his daughter. Was getting financial aid but it ended when his daughter turned 18.BC paraplegic association – only help quadriplegic and paraplegic , his daughter is hemiplegic so she is not covered.

He formed a non-profit for individuals who only care for 1 person but they are only getting $3000 attached with limitations.

Mark He needs help coming up with different recipes that are quick and easy to make, nutritious and that accommodate his wife’s restrictions.
Murphy Needs help with assisting his wife in riding public transit, chairs need to be lifted and the pole on the bus makes it tight to maneuver powered wheelchair in; maneuvering problem.
Peyton Peyton would like a way to remotely monitor things like stoves/ovens, so that she could turn them on/off from a distance.
Pandora Pandora needs help finding a way to widen doorways in house. She has thought about government grants.
Paris Paris needs help assisting her mother with grocery shopping. Her mother wants to do it herself, but she forgets what she has to buy and leaves groceries on the floor once she gets home (meat goes bad). Paris has tried to make a list for her mom to go to the grocery store to follow, but she still came back with only 2 bananas, so Paris had to go back afterwards.Dated food from Meals on Wheels, who delivered meals 7 days a week.
IGA store delivers. Paris wrote down the names of everything her mom loves so that her mom could phone and read the names out loud. They accommodated Paris’ mother by setting Paris up with an account with money in it. They call her when funds are low.