Anne is a woman in her 60s who has provided about 70 hours of help per week to her quadriplegic husband for thirty years. She has no other job. Her husband needs help or supervision for most activities. He has little mobility in his hands, but has a technical aid that he puts on his wrist to manipulate objects.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions What could be created?
1. Anne would like help providing hygiene care for her husband. Anne provides her husband with hygiene care in bed since he has difficulty with transfers and gets cold. This technique means Anne can not get help from attendants.
2. Anne would like to not be worried when she goes out. She is particularly concerned that the urine collection bag needs to be emptied. Anne makes sure she is there to empty the urine collection bag.
3. Anne would like her husband to eat whenever he wants. Anne takes care of the preparation of all the meals. When she goes out, she leaves a snack on the table.
4. Anne would like to be able to go on multi-day trips with her husband that require staying in hotels. Anne and her husband have a portable lever, but it is too heavy and bulky for transportation.



5. Anne would like to be able to reach her husband at any time when she goes out Her husband uses a phone with a speaker to compensate for his upper limb limitations, but he sometimes misses calls when he is too far away from the system

He also has a hearing problem which makes it difficult for him to understand the conversation.

6. Anne would like an alternative solution to reduce the demands of having to change her husband’s position during the night. Anne uses alarms to wake up during the night in order to reposition her husband.