Andréa is a woman in her sixties who works part-time and who helps her husband roughly 20-25hrs per week. Her husband lives with muscular dystrophy. He uses a motorized wheelchair and is able to transfer himself independently.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions


What could be created?
1. Andréa would like to ensure that her husband is safe when she is not with him, whether he or she has gone out. Her husband uses their adapted car or paratransit to go out. He has a remote monitoring system with a button on his wrist to activate it.
2. Andréa would like to put on compression socks more easily. Andréa does not use technical help to put on his socks.
3. Andréa would like a way to identify suitable and accessible places to go out. They call restaurants they do not know to ask if they are accessible.
4. Andréa would like to easily transfer her husband into the pool. They are currently using a lift that is not hydraulic.