Anaïs is a woman in her fifties who works full time. She has provided about 10hrs of help to her mother for 10 years. Her mother is aging, has heart failure, and has a history of strokes. She lives in a semi-independent seniors home. She uses a walker in her apartment and when she walks in the hallways or outside.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions


What could be created?
1. Anaïs would like to have support in managing her mother’s finances. Anaïs is fully responsible for managing her mother’s finances.
2. Anaïs would like to ensure the safety of her mother while she is bathing. Anaïs helps her mother while she is bathing. Her mother uses an electric bath seat that goes down into the tub and grab bars.
3. Anaïs would like her mother to have access to recreational activities. Anaïs set up a gardening session in the residence.
4. Anaïs would like to ensure her mother’s safety when transitioning from sitting to standing. Anaïs helps her mother when she is present. Her mother leans on her walker to get up. Her mother has a bracelet to call the residence in case of a fall.



5. Anaïs would like to know the techniques to help people with physical disabilities to remain mobile.
6. Anaïs would like to make her mother’s foot care easier and safer since she is afraid of hurting her when she does it. Anaïs takes care of cutting her mother’s nails with a regular nail clipper.
7. Anaïs would like a mobility aid that is less cumbersome for her mother. Her mother has to use two mobility aids since the walker is too big to use in the apartment.
8. Anaïs would like to see an improvement in the supply of medical services outside urban centers. Anaïs drives her mother to her appointments in other cities.
9. Anaïs would like to have access to hygiene assistance services for her mother when she is unable to do so. The residence’s service is overloaded and her mother does not have a great enough loss of independence to receive public services.
10. Anaïs would like to promote the safety and social connectedness of her mother. Her mother sometimes locks her door to prevent others from entering her room.