Alexia is a retired woman in her 60s, who is caring for her husband who has been quadriplegic for more than 20 years for 30h / week. They live together in their adapted home. Her husband uses a motorized wheelchair and transfers to the lift in all circumstances. There is little residual movement in his upper limbs.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions  What could be created?
1. Alexia would like a feeder that is small, practical and less stigmatizing. Alexia’s husband’s current feeder is mechanically activated using his upper limbs.
2. Alexia would like a reliable system to allow her husband to empty his urine bag. Her husband uses a urinary valve that sometimes malfunctions, which causes complications.
3. Alexia would like taking care of her husband’s hygiene to be easier. Alexia uses a wheeled lift and a raised bath.
4. Alexia would like helping her husband to get dressed to be easier. Alexia uses a lift to position her husband.



5. Alexia would like the management of the medical complications associated with quadriplegia to be easier to deal with so that she can leave her husband with  paid caregivers. Alexia limits her outings because she does not think anyone else can manage her husband’s requirements.
6. Alexia would like a system to find out whether paid caregivers will show up for work or not. When they do not show up, Alexia must take care of her husband.
7. Alexia would like a better lift platform to go up and down the stairs. They have a platform, but the battery discharges between uses.
8. Alexia would like to be able to easily fly with her husband. Electric wheelchairs are currently not allowed on planes. Her husband is transported by airport staff.
9. Alexia would like a travel lift (smaller and lighter).