Vignette Name Need Current Approach Alternate Suggestion What could be created
Mark He wants a caregiver organization, specific to each province, that gather annually and through this group can lobby for rights and services.
Peyton Peyton would like to see more community support, more of a ‘neighbor helping neighbor’ environment where community members are aware of individuals in their community that may require additional assistance with activities such as lawn care and snow shoveling and then they volunteer their time to help out.
Pandora Pandora needs a counselling service at no charge, because she does a lot of caregiving for her parents.
Portia Portia needs help finding a way to increase access to FaceTime or Skype in her mother’s personal care home, so that she can be more connected with her loved one via technology. Portia is advocating to have more access to FaceTime and Skype in care homes, but in the mean time, she is phoning her mom.
Portia needs help advocating for promoting incontinence acceptance, as her mom dislikes using a diaper due to the social stigma. Suggests technology to increase acceptance and advocacy – ex. through TV Ads.
Pascale Pascale needs help advocating for her husband. He tends to do whatever the doctor says, despite it not being the best for her husband. She needed to advocate for her parents when they were not getting a procedure they needed.
Pilar Pilar needs help advocating for increased flexibility in the bureaucratic system. Different care aids show up every time, and she does not like this. She is on the wait list to participate in a corporation where she can hire care aids, have more control over payroll, what the care aids do, and consistency.
Priya Priya needs help finding more resources similar to respite, because respite is usually full. The other option is private care, which is unaffordable. Somebody comes in during the day to help Priya out three times a week, but she cannot have someone come over every day, as it is expensive.
Petra Petra wants a caregiver relaxation group that meets up at a time that fits her schedule. There is one in the local newspapers in the evening, but she can only make it if it is in the morning. Petra recognized when she was burnt out doing her professional caregiving (paid), as well as informal caregiving of the friend she currently takes care of. She stayed at home for one month before going back to professional caregiving.
Petra understands she has to pace herself in order to avoid burnout now.