Adrienne is a woman in her fifties who works full time. She is helping her daughter, now an adult, who is living with cerebral palsy. Her daughter moves in a motorized wheelchair and uses a communication device. Her daughter goes to school three days a week. They have hired a helper that gets her ready for school and to unpack when she comes home.

Needs Current Approaches Alternate Suggestions


What could be created?
1. Adrienne wants to make eating easier and safer for her daughter when she isn’t around.
Particulars: requires temperature control, forbidden foods, liquid speed, special utensils, bite reflex.
2. Adrienne would like to have new safe meal ideas for her daughter who is currently limited to pasta and purees.
3. Adrienne would like to safely help her daughter transfer into the bath tub.
Problems encountered: the bathroom can’t be adapted, the bath is not long enough.
Adrienne uses a reclining Rifton bath bench and a wheelchair lift. A helper needs to handle the lift.
4. Adrienne wants her daughter’s toothbrush to be safer. Adrienne takes care of her daughter’s oral hygiene with an electric toothbrush, but worries that the head of the toothbrush could come off if her daughter bites.



5. Adrienne would like to ensure the integrity of her daughter’s skin. Adrienne monitors her daughter’s skin
6. Adrienne would like a safe wheelchair for winter travel.
7. Adrienne would like a more effective solution to manage her daughter’s deformed wrist which is causing her a lot of pain. Her daughter is currently wearing an orthosis, which is not very effective in terms of pain.
8. Adrienne would like scheduling medical appointments to be easier.
9. Adrienne would like to have easier access to additional caregivers and more respite services.
10. Adrienne would like the follow-up services of technical aids (maintenance, advice, etc.) to be improved. Adrienne uses the wheelchair emergency repair service, but says the opening times are short and you have to make an appointment.
11. Adrienne would like it to be easier to dress her daughter who has spasticity. She would also like to find suitable clothes. Adrienne dresses her daughter by putting her on the electric bed.